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Running Two Scripts

This page is an example of how you can run two scripts with the onLoad function at the same time. It is a seperate script that loads the two scripts. I took these two scripts from my page. They are the Digital Clock script and the Status Bar Scroller script. I know a lot of you asked for this, so here it is.

Now, the script that loads the other scripts goes in the <head></head> tag as well.

<script language="JavaScript">
function LoadFuncs() {

FUNCTION #1 is what is inside of the quotation marks in the <body onLoad="FUNCTION #1"> command. Same with FUNCTION #2.

In this example "FUNCTION #1" is "startclock()" and "FUNCTION #2" is "timerONE=window.setTimeout('scrollit(100)',500)"
You may also use more then two scripts, just add another function to this part of the script.

This is an example of what my function looks like.

function LoadFuncs() {

Now to start these scripts running, you need to put this line in your <body> tag.


For example, mine looks like this

<BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" TEXT="#000000" LINK="#FF0000" VLINK="#000080" ALINK="#000080" onLoad="LoadFuncs()">

I hope this helps!

This is what my entire script looks like. I pulled this info straight from my page.