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Description: A multi-featured 10-question multiple choice quiz script. The solutions are embedded in an external file, making "cheating" hard. Below lists the features of the script:

  • Solutions embedded in external file, which prevents users from viewing source to cheat.

  • Instant quiz results, shown on separate page.

  • Instant "view solution" feature, with solutions to questions the user incorrectly answered highlighted in red.

Note that a cookie enabled browser is required to use this script.

Directions: To get the script, click here. It is composed of the following three files:

-popquiz.htm (Edit this file to change the questions on the page to your own)
-results.htm (Do NOT edit this file)
-solution.js (Edit this file to change the solutions to your own)

When you're done with the editing, upload the three files into the same directory. This quiz script is the first among many we will develop. Please send bug reports and suggestions to George, the creator of the script.