Rotating Banner

This script rotates banners for your page. It preloads all of the banners so the user doesn't have to wait while viewing the page. You can adjust the speed at which it rotates. All the banners should be the same size for this script to look good. Typical baneer sizes are 400x40 pixels. This script also has a status bar description for each banner.

Copy this into a new page. You need to cahnge YOUR IMAGE Example 1.GIF, YOUR LINK, and YOUR DESCRIPTION. This script is for 3 banners. At the end of the page I will describe how to add more.

An example is:

  <BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" TEXT="#000000" LINK="#FF0000" VLINK="#000080" 
ALINK="#000080" onLoad="startTime();">

<body onLoad="startTime();">

Now put this where ever you want in your HTML document. You need to 
change YOUR IMAGE #1. It must be the same as the first image in the 
top of the script.

Making Additions

This will describe  how to add a third banner. First thing you need to do is add the following lines to the top script.

banner3 = new Image();
banner3.src = "YOUR IMAGE #3";

links[3] = "YOUR LINK #3"

description[3] = "YOUR DESCRIPTION #3"
Next you'll need to change the number of banners that you have. The following line tells the script 
how many banners there are. It is in the top script. Change the number 2 to 3.

if (i <2){ // The number 2 is the amount of banners that you have

<2){ // The number 2 is the amount of banners that you have