LED Sign

Put this code in you page where ever you want he LED sign to go. Also, you need to put these 2 gifs, on.gif and off.gif, in your internet directory. VERY IMPORTANT: No capital letters!, it won't work

Here is the code in a txt file. Just copy the whole thing and put it in your page. led.txt (I've had too much trouble trying to put it on this page.)

To add more messages just add messages[4] = "FIFTH MESSAGE" in the top of the script, just change the numbers appropriately. Don't forget to change the messages!

If you want to make the sign start when your page loads up instead of pressing the button, first delete this line at the end of the code

document.write('<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="start" onClick="startSign()">')
Now put this inside your body code.

<body onLoad="startSign()">

An example is:
<BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" TEXT="#000000" LINK="#FF0000" VLINK="#000080" ALINK="#000080" onLoad="startSign()">
<body onLoad="startSign()">