Click Mouse on Main Menu Bar to Activate It!

New Window

This button opens a new window where you can control its properties (scrollbars, size, status...). To do that, answer yes or no, or change the numbers. You can also make the window open to a link or a file.



Form Using Mailto:

Enter your URL:

Enter a description:

Put this part in the <head></head> part of your document.

Now put this part in the body of your document. >

Now change the e-mail address and subject. If you want to add another box, just insert this line
<input type="text" name="ANY NAME" value="" size=50><br>
You can also change the size of the forms by changing the numbers where it says "size="



Form Using Mailto: - Validation






Put this in your <head></head> tag

Now put these lines somewhere in your body.


Link Button

Just copy this short line and change the link location and the button description.

Link Button Frames

Copy this line and change the link location, the button description, and the FRAME TARGET NAME to the name of the frame that you want the link to go.


Back And Forward Buttons

Now put this code anywhere you want the buttons to go. You can also change what the buttons say by replacing "BACK" and "FORWARD" with whatever you want.

Back And Forward Buttons - Frames

Here's any easy way to use the back and forward buttons in frames. These buttons have to go into another frame other than the main frame, they won't work without frames! A working example is down in the lower left hand corner. Just copy this code and change FRAME TARGET NAME to the name of the frame that you want to go back and forward.


Back And Forward Image Button

Here you can make use of the back and forward functions with pictures. All you need to do is copy this 2 lines. Just change the uppercase text.

View Source Button

Here's the source code,


View Source Button - Frames

(This will view the menu on the left side.)

Here's the code, all you need to do is to change the FRAME TARGET NAME.

Reload Button

(This reloads the entire window.)

Just copy this line of code.


Reload Button- Frames

(This will only reload the counter in the bottom left.)

Just copy this line and change the FRAME TARGET NAME.



Home Button

Click this button to goto your browser home page (Only works in Netscape 4).

Put this code wherever you want the button to go in your page.

Print Button

Click the button to print this page (Only works in Netscape 4).